Historical Summary:

RIPTIDE is a classic bridge-deck cruiser, 47 feet long, 11 feet wide with a draft of 4 1/2 feet, planked with port orford cedar and fastened with copper and bronze. She recently has been extensively overhauled and upgraded by shipwrights working in the Port Townsend area.

RIPTIDE was built in 1927 by the Schertzer Brothers on Lake Union for owner Carl Marts, who named his new boat NOKARE. She was sold in 1930 to G. Donald Bradley, who named her NERIED, and sold again in 1931 to Russ Gibson, who named her RIPTIDE, the name she's carried ever since.

RIPTIDE is a happy vessel, fortunate indeed to have been owned by several very knowledgeable and caring owners, among them Russ Gibson (1931-1964), Richard Billings (1965-1967), and his brother, Roger Billings (1967-2015).

She's hosted three honeymoons in her long life, moonlight cruises on Lake Washington, and trips beyond number from Olympia to Juneau and back.  She is currently moored in Port Madison, her home for many years.