Historical Summary:

Designed and built by John Trumpy as a “luxury cruising houseboat”, Timeless was commissioned by George W. Codrington of Cleveland, Ohio who was VP of General Motors and a member of the New York and Larchmont Yacht Clubs. Her hull was built at the Trumpy/Mathis location in Camden, NJ and then the yacht was towed to the new Trumpy yacht yard in Annapolis where she was completed and launched in 1947.

Christened “SEAPLAY” she had the state-of-the-art amenities of the day, including, according to a review in the August 1948 issue of Rudder Magazine, a “ship to shore telephone in owner’s room making possible instant communication with home or office from the SEAPLAY.” The article also stated: “She has a well-blended combination of seaworthiness, sleek lines, good turn of speed, ease of handling, sturdiness, compactness with comfort, reliability, and the ability to go anywhere her owner desires.”

SEAPLAY’s later names, in order, include: NATAMOR II, SEAWAY, BEAU RIVAGE, SS SOPHIE in 1998 and “BB” in 2017 and Timeless in 2021