Historical Summary:

Winifred 1926. Was lengthened to 47'

Winifred sold for $7,125.00 new in 1926.  She was built for Adolph and Winifred Schmidt of Olympia, Washington. Mr. Schmidt surprised his wife by naming the boat after her.

In 1928 Mr. Schmidt organized a predicted log race from Olympia to Juneau, Alaska. Winifred had a famous passenger on board for the race: Charles F. Chapman, then editor of Motor Boating Magazine and author of the boater’s bible: "Chapman’s Seamanship and Small Boat Handling". Winifred came in first in the 40-ft and larger class, with a margin of error of only 28-minutes for the entire 980-mile trip.

A comfortable yacht in both calm and heavy weather, Winifred cruises at a little over 9 knots and is powered by a four-cylinder (453) Detroit Diesel.