Historical Summary:

  Wyrill has long been known to be a piece of history in the Pacific Northwest.  Having charted more waters then most boats, it has been to Alaska and back many times.  She is a proven, solid and has had a wonderful owner history.  Originally built by the Boeing Company and commissioned for the for Pacific Mills Corporation, later Crown Willamette and Crown Zellerback, at Ocean Falls in British Columbia.  Her first Skipper was  Captain Andy Widsten and was used mostly for entertainment which included the companies Senior Management from San Fransisco.  For the better part of her life and history, Wyrill was stationed in the area of Ocean Falls, Belle Bella, Sherawater and basically all of the British Columbia

Wyrill, built 1931 by Boeing Canada. Docked on the North shore of Lake Union, Seattle, Washington. Eastlake neighborhood visible in background, and at far right just edging onto the downtown skyline.  20 October 2012.  Photo Attribution: Joe Mabel

Wyrill (pronounciation: "Wurl") was built by Boeing Canada at Coal Harbor (Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada for Pacific Mill Company Ltd of Oceanfalls, BC in 1931. She was documented in the United States in 1964.

Her dimensions are 62 feet in length, by 14.9 feet in the beam, with a draft as deep as 7 feet.

Her hull construction consists of Douglas Fir 2X6 inch carvel planking over steam bent oak frames, fastened with galvanized iron nails, which were sampled for a survey in 2004 and found to be in excellent condition. The recently updated decking is paint over epoxy fiber glassed 3/16 mahogany plywood and shipwright's felt, laid over original one and one half inch cypress planks on overhead beams.

She measures 34 Net Tons, with concrete ballast molded in place.

Anchored in Kizameet Bay in 2006 on the way to her 1931 home port of Ocean Falls, BC.