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This is a list of current CYA member boats that have been accepted as "Classic" (pre-1942) or "Vintage" (pre-1965) yachts by the CYA.

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CYA Yacht Register

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Tahoe - 1962

Chris Craft 55' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Built in Algonac, Michigan, in 1961, and delivered to Staff Jennings Marina in Portland, Oregon, TAHOE is a 1962, 55' Chris Craft Constellation, hull #CAB-55-007. Hull material is mahogany, beam is 14' 9", LOA is 55’ 6” and draft is 3' 10". Tahoe is powered by two 275 HP 8V-71 Detroit Diesels and has a cruising speed of 12 knots.  

Owner: Marcie Hull & William Ratcliff

Aloha - 1962

Owens Tahitian "Aloha” 40' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

A 40’ 1962 Owens Tahitian, Aloha was sold new in Seattle, mooring at the Seattle Yacht Club for 39 years, 1962-2001. During that time, the boat was known as the Concrete Queen.  In 2001, new owners named her the Jannika. Extensive restoration took place 2001-2003. The interior was gutted and all wood replaced with Honduran mahogany and raw teak. A custom stainless steel bow hatch and stainless steel mast was installed. The boat has twin Monel 60 gallon fuel tanks. Twin Chris Craft 350Q V8 engines were installed in 1970, replacing Owens Flagship V8’s. [BH16]

Owner: Chip & Kristin Kochel

Gladsong II - 1962

Gladsong II
Chris Craft 35' (Canadian Fleet - Vintage)

Chris Craft Cavilier Tri-Cabin

Owner: David & Jackie Peebles

Caroline - 1963

Forder 32' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Caroline was designed by Ed Monk in 1954, and built by Bud Forder in 1963, the last of 16 of this model that he built.

Owner: Todd Cochran

Bella Luna - 1963

Bella Luna
Chris Craft 42' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)
Owner: Mike and Shelley Monda

Navillus - 1963

Stephens Brothers 50' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)

Navillus V is Stephens hull number M-104, launched May 5, 1963 under the name of Almardor. She was sold originally to Albert F. Roller, a noted architect in the San Francisco Bay area in the thirties and forties.

Albert F. Roller was a long time member of the Saint Francis Yacht Club, and Almador was used as a committee boat during some of their races. She also traveled to the Tinsley Island Stag Cruise during his ownership.

Owner: Marc Harrington

Flying Eagle - 1963

Flying Eagle
Vinal Beal 33' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Flying Eagle, as named originally, was launched by Vinal Beal on the Moosabec Reach of Beals Island Maine in 1963. Vinal designed & built all such lobster boats during winter when not lobstering, by means of a half-model (no plans).

Owner: Rick & Diane Strollo

Endeavor - 1963

Matthews 45' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Endeavor is a 42', 1963 Matthews Stock Cruiser built in Port Clinton, Ohio.  Current owner is her third.  She was purchased by the second owner and trucked out to Tacoma Yacht Club, where she has been in the same boat house since 1978.  In 1980 she was re-powered with twin 440 Chrysler, 330 horsepower engines.  The boat resided in the boat house at TYC for nearly 10 years unused prior to current owner’s purchase in 2009.  The house and interior are mostly original. 

Owner: William Foulk and Nancy Williams

Sonata - 1963

Chris Craft 52' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Sonata is a 52’ Chris Craft built in Pompanio Beach , Florida in 1963. She was the 18th of 23 hulls built that year. Chris Craft moved their company after closing the plant in Michigan. Jerry Bryant’s Seattle Chris Craft Dealership on Boat Street in Seattle sold her new to Bill Blume, a member of one of Seattle’s iconic auto dealership families who had commissioned her from the Chris-Craft factory. Bill Blume named her Squatsie from a family story about his grandmother.

Owner: Roger & Janice Palmer

Unforgettable - 1965

Chris Craft 57' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

UNFORGETTABLE is a 1965, 57 ft Chris Craft Constellation, commonly referred to as a "Connie".

Owner: Alan J Winningham & Ryan Ihrig