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We encourage anyone with an interest in fine old motor yachts to join the Classic Yacht Association. FYI you do own a classic motor yacht, you may register it as a “Classic” or “Vintage” member vessel depending on its year of build. 

Classic or Vintage Membership is for members with boats that qualify according to the CYA By-laws: 

"The qualifications of the classic yacht shall be: a power driven pleasure boat of good design, construction and maintenance, which shows no exterior alterations that detract from the designer's original intent". Full Boat Classification Criteria can be found here.

  • Classic Member boats must have been launched prior to December 31, 1942.
  • Vintage Member boats must have been launched after December 31, 1942 and prior to December 31, 1964, or a vessel launched after 1964 which can establish support for special consideration by the Membership Committee. 

Both Classic and Vintage Members have the right to vote on CYA issues, and may hold any Fleet or CYA office. 

Associate Membership is for Classic or Vintage Members who no longer own a Classic or Vintage Vessel, but wish to remain active in the CYA. Associate Members also may vote and hold any Fleet or CYA office. 

The details and forms required for membership application may be found here: Membership Application Process

Annual Dues and Initiation Fees

Dues/Fee Type  CAN  PNW NC  SC  USA
 Annual Dues or Reinstatement  $85 CD $85 US  $95 US  $90 US  $60 US
 New Member  $145 CD  $145 US  $145 US  $150 US  $120 US
 Change of Primary Owner,
 or Adding a Second Boat
 $60 CD  $60 US  $60 US  $60 US  $60 US 

Membership Documentation Requirements (All Membership Types):

  • Completed Application - The application form is used to prepare the member's boat plaque, as well as to establish the member's record in the CYA archives. This application should be typed, and must be signed by a CYA member sponsor. The Sponsor is often a Port Captain or other Fleet officer, but may be any CYA member in good standing; A PDF from is provided at the link below.  
  • A check for the New Member Fee associated with the fleet being joined (see table above). Checks should be made payable to the Classic Yacht Association.

Applications for Classic or Vintage Membership must also include the following documentation:

  • At least one 3"x5" or larger photograph - This photo should have been taken within the six months prior to the application and must show a broadside view of the vessel in the water. The image of the vessel must be unobstructed and sufficiently large to permit an evaluation of special features. It is often useful to submit a several photos , each showing a different view. It is also desirable to include photographs of the interior of the boat. Digital photographs are strongly encouraged. 
  • Historical narrative about the vessel - This typewritten statement should provide historical information about the vessel including: former owners, restoration activities, special design features, and unique uses of the vessel. When available please include copies of, or references to publish materials.

Applications will be given "pending membership" status until approval is confirmed by the Membership Committee and, if required, the CYA Historian.

Final approval of membership applications rests with the Membership Committee which serves to ensure association-wide standards as established by the CYA Board of Directors. 

Download and Print Application