The CYA Yacht Register is a listing of current CYA Member vessels that have been confirmed as qualifying classics by the CYA Yacht Registration Committee.  That committee consists of classic yacht experts from each of the five CYA fleets. The Yacht Registration Committee evaluates all applications for Vintage and Classic vessel categories in accordance with the eligibility criteria as established by the CYA Board of Directors.

  • To apply for acceptance of a vessel into the CYA Yacht Register, the form below may be used by current CYA Members.
  • If you are not a current Member, you can join here.  
  • This form may also be used by members to update the existing Yacht Register information for their vessel.
  • Required information is indicated by an asterisk.  Please provide as much detail as possible.  You may also send additional information if needed, by email to
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Images of the yacht for review by the Yacht Registration Committee, as well as for posting on the website. If preferred, photos may be emailed to (Any number, any size.)
Boat Profile Image
Please provide a good resolution photograph showing a broadside of the boat in the water. The image should be taken within the last 6 months and must be sufficiently large and unobstructed to permit an evaluation of special features of the boat.
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Vessel survey reports, etc.
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