The following vessels are on display today.  A “People’s Choice” ballot is available with this program, and we invite you to vote for your favorite yacht by dropping off your ballot in the container at the gangway on your way out. 

We are following state and local Covid protocols.  Wearing a facemask is strongly encouraged, particularly when boarding a vessel. If the “Welcome Aboard” sign is posted, vessels may be boarded with the owner’s permission.  Please wear soft-soled shoes.  No unaccompanied children.  Boarding vessels is done at own risk.

This year’s Marque Class celebrates “Family Heritage” vessels, yachts that have been owned by the same family for over 25 years.  Look for these special classics throughout the marina.

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ALOHA    A 40’ 1962 Owens Tahitian, Aloha was sold new in Seattle, mooring at the Seattle Yacht Club for 39 years. During that time, the boat was known as the Concrete Queen.  In 2001, new owners named her the Jannika. Extensive restoration took place 2001-2003. The interior was gutted and all wood replaced with Honduran mahogany and raw teak. A custom stainless steel bow hatch and stainless steel mast were installed. The boat has twin Monel 60 gallon fuel tanks. Twin Chris Craft 350Q V8 engines were installed in 1970, replacing Owens Flagship V8’s.


BELLA LUNA  Bella Luna is a 42 foot Chris Craft Constellation built in 1963 and delivered to Bryant’s Marina in Seattle.  She is number 27 out of a production of 80 boats of this model produced in 1963 and 1964.  Her original engines were likely a pair of Chris Craft 431s, but she was repowered around 1995 with Crusader 454XLi engines sporting 320 hp each.  Current owners bought her in September of 2018 and christened her Bella Luna.  Previous names have included Pauline, Rated R, Peddler II, Night Wind, Alexanor, and Beach House.


BLUE PETER    Seattle architect John Graham commissioned this 96 foot yacht from Lake Union Dry Dock in 1928.  She was designed by Ted Geary, as one of four near-sisterships built at LUDD.  Sold to a Los Angeles businessman in 1933, Blue Peter cruised Southern California waters until being conscripted for the war effort in 1943.  She returned to the Puget Sound area in 1949.  “Blue Peter” is the common name of the flag for the letter P in the International Code, which is raised 24 hours before a ship’s departure.  Blue Peter recently completed a nearly-full refit at Haven Boatworks in Port Townsend.


BRUNO    Named after the current owners’ dearly departed dachshund of 17 years, Bruno is a 1963 Egg Harbor Express Cruiser.  A bottom-up restoration is being undertaken at this time, including refastening, new running gear and new in-house systems.  Bruno is one of only three of this model to not have a flying bridge.  Egg Harbor naval architect George Stadel designed the 37 foot model over “four long days,” modifying an early lobster-boat style hull, and crafting “the boat that made the Egg Harbor brand.”


CINNAMON GIRL   A 1951 34’ Chris Craft, hull number #DC-34-054, Cinnamon Girl left the Michigan plant and was delivered to Palm Beach Chris Craft in West Palm Beach, Florida on March 5,1951.  The original name of the boat had been Pri Mer Go until 1972.  After arriving in the Northwest, she was renamed Vivace and then Jolly 6. She was repowered in 1977 by Doc Freeman’s with two OMC 305 V8 engines plus gear at a total cost of $5,842.00. Renamed Josey II by 1981, she was listed in a Wilson Marine notation.   Current owners purchased the boat March 5th 2000, and placed the name of Cinnamon Girl on her stern.  Cinnamon Girl has been loved and in restoration since.


FAUN   *FAMILY HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 25 YEARS*   Faun is a 36’ Blanchard Standardized Cruiser, launched in June, 1926 by the N.J. Blanchard Boat Company for W.N. Winter of Medina, Washington. Her designer is Leigh H. Coolidge. Her 1926 purchase price was $6,000.  She is one of 25 Standardized Cruisers built by Blanchard. She is powered by a 1947 Chrysler Crown gas engine, and cruises at 8.5 knots. Her hull is cedar, her frames oak and her brightwork is teak. She still has her original Neptune cast iron stove. Her planks, frames & ribs were replaced in 2013-14.  She was awarded Best Classic Power Under 40 Ft at Seattle’s Opening Day in 2018; Best Overall Power at the Victoria Classic Boat Festival in 2014; and Best Dinghy in 2015.


FREYA   *FAMILY HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 30 YEARS*   Built to be strong, efficient and seaworthy, Freya has cruised Puget Sound and the Inside Passage since 1940. An Alaska veteran, (11 times) she has provided the families that loved her with adventures, life time experiences, scarred knuckles, and pride. Freya has been part of the current owners’ family since 1992, and with plans for many more years to come.


GLADSONG II   Manufactured at the Chris-Craft plant in Holland, Michigan in 1962, Gladsong II was the featured boat at the first Vancouver Boat Show that year.  She was moored at RVYC Coal Harbour for her first 39 years.  Current owners are her second.  They have refastened and refinished Gladsong II, rebuilt the original running gear, and upgraded her with new systems and wiring.  


GRANDY   Grandy is a 1972 32’ Grand Banks, and was one of the last wood boats built by the Grand Banks company. Built of mahogany and yacal in Singapore she was delivered to British Columbia where she resided until the current owner brought her to the Seattle area in 2020. The perfect coastal cruiser for 2, she sips along powered by an economical (and original)  Ford Lehman 120.


HOLIDAY   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 76 YEARS*   Ed Monk Sr. was commissioned to design Holiday by the current owner’s grandfather in 1946.  She was launched in July of that year, having been built on Lake Union by the Edison Technical School.  Current owner began his possession of the yacht in 1985.


MARANEE  *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 34 YEARS*   Built by the legendary Chris-Craft Corporation, Maranee was launched in Algonac, Michigan in 1940.  She served as flagship of the Vermilion Yacht Club in Ohio in 1946, and cruised the Great Lakes extensively, visiting Georgian Bay, the Erie Canal and the St. Lawrence River.  In 1959, Maranee began a new life on the west coast when she was shipped to Seattle by rail. She is still powered by her original twin Hercules six cylinder gas engines.  Flying from Maranee’s starboard spreader is the burgee of the Vermilion Yacht Club, presented to her by that club’s bridge in 2020 in honor of her 80th birthday.


MARIAN II  Marian II was the first flagship of the Classic Yacht Association and has been a member vessel since the formation of the organization. She was the first vessel to start the tradition of boating to UW Husky Football in the late 1940s before there was a dock. She was re-powered with a diesel engine.  


MARILUS   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 66 YEARS*   The original family has owned this boat since it was built.  The current owner’s father came up with the design ideas.  He took it to Ed Monk Sr. who designed the yacht.  Marilus cruised Puget Sound, Gulf Islands, and Desolation Sound from the late 1950s to mid 1980s.  She has cruised inland fresh waters since, and was repowered from a Chrysler Hemi 250 to a Crusader 454.  The woodwork and finish is original.   The current owner’s mother came up with the name MARILUS - - MAR –Marian,  IL – Neil, US – Russ.   The owners were fortunate to spend time with Ed Monk Sr. on weekends. 


MESSENGER III   From 1947 to 1968, Messenger III served as a missionary vessel for the Shantymens Christian Association, a non-denominational Christian society.  Bringing medical and spiritual comfort to the British Columbia coast, she supported one of the first hospitals on Vancouver Island’s west side.  Messenger III is featured in several books, as well as in a 1954 issue of Life Magazine.  She has served as a pleasure vessel since 1968, and has been undergoing slow but steady rebuilding since 2001 by Ted Knowles of Victoria and Chris Earl of Vancouver’s Gronlunds Boatyard.  Messenger III’s propulsion is a Gardner 6LW, giving 7 knots at 1.5 gallons per hour.


MISS SUSIE   Purchased in 1973 in Chicago by the current owner’s father, Miss Susie was then named Wy Wurrie and was moored at Seattle’s Queen City Yacht Club.  Upon his passing, a family friend purchased her, renamed her Flying Fish, and moored her at Queen City as well.  Current owners brought the boat back in to the family in 2009, and renamed her Miss Susie. She still moors at Queen City Yacht Club on Portage Bay.


MITLITE   Mitlite was launched originally as Thea Foss, the corporate yacht of the Foss Tugboat Company in 1933.  She was conscripted by the U.S. Coast Guard and patrolled the Bremerton Naval Yard for the duration of World War II.  Afterwards, she was returned to the Foss Corporation.  In 1949 Foss acquired a large fantail yacht named Infanta which replaced this vessel as the corporate flagship, earning the name Thea Foss.  For the next four years, there were two vessels bearing Thea’s name, and this being the smaller of the two began to be referred to as “the little one” or “Mit Lite” in Norwegian.  The name was officially changed in 1953, with the vessel’s change in ownership. 


ORBA   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 51 YEARS*  Orba is a traditional 1927 Lake Union Dreamboat. Built in 1927 by the Lake Union Dry Dock Company, the Orba was named by her first owner, Kelly Price, who had speculated profitably in the Oregon Basin Company.  Her second owner, Professor B.T. McMinn, cruised all throughout the waters of the Northwest aboard her for 33 years.  The many logbooks, still on board, chronicle her numerous voyages.  The current owners purchased her in 1971.


PATAMAR    *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 25 YEARS*   This bridge deck cruiser was home-built by a Boeing engineer in Wallingford. She is cedar over oak frames with a teak cabin. The current owner is the boat’s 5th, who spends about 8 weeks a year cruising the Salish Sea and is a frequent festival participant. The boat has been a member of the CYA for 36 years.

RIPTIDE   Riptide is a bridge deck cruiser, launched in 1927 at the height of the roaring ‘20’s. She’s hosted dozens of cruises from Olympia WA to Juneau AK over her long and happy life.  She was registered as Nokare by her first owner, renamed Neried a few years later, and in 1934, renamed again to Riptide, the name she carries today.  She is fortunate to have been owned by knowledgeable and caring owners throughout her long life.  She’s hosted at least three marriages and dozens of family outings from Olympia WA to Juneau AK and beyond.  Her current owner acquired her in 2015, and has managed her complete overhaul over the past seven years. Though some work remains to be completed, she is in fine shape, and ready for her next century. 


RIPTIDE   The original owner of this yacht was the famous hotelier Howard Johnson. Later, she was located in Buffalo NY and Detroit Michigan. She was moved to Lake Mead by gangster Moe Dalitz as a hospitality boat for the Desert Inn, and was later brought to Southern California where she appeared in 52 episodes of the TV show "Riptide". Current owners have been her caretakers for 23 years, and relocated her to Washington in 2010. 


RUMRUNNER   In 1930, Rumrunner was built on Lake Union by Schertzer Brothers as a 36 foot yacht.  In 1932, four feet were added to her hull.  She is powered by a Chrysler Crown gas engine, which gives her a comfortable cruising speed of 8 knots.  A major rebuild took place in 1985.


SAVONA   Savona is a 39' Ed Monk Sr. Bridgedeck Cruiser. She was built in 1942 by Bud Forder of Forder Boatworks in Kenmore, WA on north Lake Washington for Russell Rathbone. She has had many owners through the decades. She was berthed at Bremerton Yacht Club under the ownership of Dr. Kenneth Jackson from 1946-1952. She has always been a Puget Sound boat and it is believed she has stayed mostly in the Seattle area. 6 years ago, Savona returned to the Bremerton Yacht Club.


SCANDALON   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 29 YEARS*   Scandalon is a Chris-Craft Double Cabin Fly Bridge cruiser that was restored by the current owners beginning in 1993. She was built in Algonac, Michigan in 1953.  The Chrysler gas engines were put in in 1965 and have almost 5,000 hours on them with only periodic maintenance performed. The boat has been kept as original as possible with only functional upgrades.


SEA PUSS   Built as yacht-tug, Sea Puss was originally steam powered. She was owned for many years by author
Earnest Gann.
Sea Puss was recently rebuilt at Ewing Street Moorings. 


SEACLOUD   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 27 YEARS*   Built at the Chris-Craft plant in Algonac, Michigan, and delivered to Long Beach, California in 1955, SeaCloud moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1972.  She was repowered with twin 440 Chryslers in 1978. The hull is mahogany, and she carries a fuel capacity of 100 gallons.


SEQUOIA    Sequoia is a 1970 42’ Grand Banks Classic with twin Ford Lehman diesels. She spent her younger years cruising up and down the coast of Southern California and Baja California while calling San Diego as her home port. In 2000 she was placed on a barge that brought her to the Pacific Northwest. Current owners are the third since she arrived in 2000.


SEVEN BELLS   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 25 YEARS*   This classic 1929 pilot-house cruiser was built in Stockton, CA by Stephens Brothers, one of nine boats using the same blueprints. Purchased by the United States War Shipping Administration in 1942, the boat served as an anti-submarine net tender in San Francisco Bay during World War II. The boat was fully restored in 1947 and then again in 1998 after purchase by its current owner. The hull is of Port Orford cedar, the house is teak, and the soles are fir. The fourth-generation engines are Yanmar diesels. The lace curtains were a gift made by a friend’s elderly mother in Milan, Italy.


SONATA     Sonata is a 52’ Chris-Craft built in Pompano Beach, Florida in 1963. She was the 18th of 23 hulls built that year. Jerry Bryant’s Seattle Chris-Craft Dealership on Boat Street in Seattle sold her new to Bill Blume, a member of one of Seattle’s iconic auto dealership families who had commissioned her from the Chris-Craft factory.  Blume named her Squatsie from a family story about his grandmother. There have been three previous owners, who named the boat Salt Chuck, Handy I, and Serious Delirium. Current owners renamed her Sonata to keep the musical theme from their last two wooden boats.  She is a Coast Guard documented vessel.


ST. BRENDAN   St. Brendan  was built in 1947 by the Matthews Boat Co. Port Clinton, Ohio. The current owner became smitten with St. Brendan having seen her at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. The owner has had the pleasure of meeting other former owners, liveaboards, shipwrights and electricians who have enjoyed and/or worked on various repairs and restorations of this classic 40’ yacht over the years. St. Brendan went through a major year-long restoration at Port Townsend’s Shipwrights Co-op in 2004, including new wiring and many upgrades, and has since had major repairs done on her transom and side decks, as well as engine and shaft work.


SUSABELLE   This 1948 Chris Craft Deluxe Sedan Cruiser is rumored to have been delivered to her original owner in Lake Tahoe, CA. She was bought in Tacoma, WA in 2005 and underwent a seven year complete restoration in Coeur d’Alene, ID She was re-launched as Andante in Spokane, WA in 2012. Her current owners bought her in Seattle in 2020 and re-named her Susabelle


TABU   Built in 1940 to be the personal boat for Bernard Smith, then VP of Chris-Craft and son of Christopher Smith, the founder of Chris-Craft.  Bernard never took delivery - instead she went to a dealer in Spokane. The boat was launched in an inland lake to keep it from being used in the war effort and was named Tabu due to war era fuel rationing. According to Bernard's son, who was aboard a couple of years ago, it was also the first Chris-Craft to have a 110V AC system on board.


TAHOE    Built in Algonac, Michigan, in 1961, and delivered to Staff Jennings Marina in Portland, Oregon, Tahoe is a 1962, 55' Chris-Craft Constellation. Hull material is mahogany, beam is 14' 9", LOA is 55’ 6” and draft is 3' 10". Tahoe is powered by twin Detroit Diesels and has a cruising speed of 12 knots.  Tahoe (Washoe word meaning “big water”) has been a resident of Portage Bay since her early days in Portland.  Guests are comfortably accommodated in three staterooms and three heads, and there is ample deck space for entertaining. Tahoe is a fine example of mid-century design and Chris Craft classic craftsmanship.


THELONIUS    Thelonius was custom-built in 1953 for a Portland, Oregon dentist who wanted a 'traditional style' boat, so Ed Monk, Sr revised a 1928 plan. Built by Admiral Marine, Lake Union, Seattle, her hull is glue-wedged rather than caulked.    The engine is located beneath the rear cockpit, and power to the propeller is through a V-drive unit.    A great furnace allows extensive year-round cruising.

TYEE   Tyee was built in Ballard for R.W. Kenaston of Rancho Mirage, CA. It was the 10th of ten "yachts" built by Marine Construction & Design Co (MARCO), more commonly known for its fishing vessels. The Kenaston family kept Tyee in Seattle for Northwest cruising until she was sold and was moved to California. In 2002 she was found in disrepair in San Diego and brought to Port Townsend for extensive restoration by Galmukoff Marine, retaining original design and cabinetry. In 2005 she re-launched under the name Kristi Lynne. In 2011 the current owners acquired her and returned the original name Tyee


UNFORGETTABLE    Unforgettable is a 1965 57 ft Chris-Craft Constellation featuring three staterooms, pullman berths, three heads, and a modern galley.  She is powered by twin 318 hp Detroit diesels. Built in Algonac, Michigan, Unforgettable underwent substantial rebuilding from 2011-2013. Finish restorations are currently underway. Her homeport is Seattle Yacht Club. 


WILLIWAW   *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 35 YEARS*   Built at the Chris-Craft plant in Algonac, Michigan as a custom yacht for Exide Battery, Williwaw was shipped to the west coast in 1962 and has had two major owners since.   She is constructed of African mahogany over oak frames.   The boat has been repowered twice (so far).


WINIFRED    Classic Yacht Winifred, a Lake Union Dreamboat, was designed by Otis Cutting for Adolph and Winifred Schmidt of Olympia, Washington in 1926.  Mr. Schmidt and his brothers were the sons of Leopold Schmidt, the founder of the Olympia Brewing Company. Winifred was built in Seattle by Lake Union Machine and Dry Dock Co. as a stock cruiser and had the trade name “Lake Union Dreamboat” – cost new $5,125.  A comfortable yacht in both calm and heavy weather, Winifred cruises at 8.5 knots and has a top speed of 9.3 knots. Her present owner purchased Winifred in 2000.


ZANZIBAR    *HERITAGE YACHT: OWNED BY THIS FAMILY FOR 29 YEARS*   Zanzibar was built in 1957 by the Stephens Brothers yard in Stockton, California. Originally the Gaylee, she was commissioned for Portland marine dealer John Trullinger at a cost of $70,000, equivalent to three custom homes at the time. Mrs. Trullinger insisted that the galley be placed up in the midships area, creating a unique Quad Cabin design. The house and decks are Burmese Teak. Her sweeping lines follow a 1947 design by Dick Stephens. She has dual helm stations and is powered by a pair of Crusader 8.1 liter Vortec gas engines producing 770 total horsepower. Cruising speed is 13 knots with a top speed of 19 knots.


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