The DreamboatThe "Lake Union Dreamboat" style is a round-bilged wooden hulled displacement cruiser with a plumb bow, raised foredeck and squared-off house aft built in the 1920's and 30's.  They were simple and comfortable, economical and versatile.  Most were built with open sided houses which were later enclosed to varying degrees. 

This page is an attempt to catalog and track the vessels built in the "Lake Union Dreamboat" style.  The two largest builders of them were the Blanchard Boat Company (36-footers) and Lake Union Drydock (generally 42-footers).  Lake Union Drydock copyrighted the Dreamboat name, and it really stuck -- the tag is now used to describe any boat of the era with the plumb bow/box cabin design.

If you know of any authentic Dreamboat style boats that are not listed here, please send photos and info to

(Note: Lake Union Drydock began to apply the Dreamboat tag to their bridgedeck cruisers too.  For this page however, we are only including the traditional Dreamboat style -- house aft design. See the Lake Union Drydock page for a list of all LUDD boats.)

-Rick Etsell