Wheeler Shipbuilding Corporation

Wheeler Playmates 1937 AdFrom shipbuildinghistory.com:

The Wheeler Yacht Company was founded at the turn of the 19th century by Howard E. Wheeler, in Brooklyn NY.  During WWI, like other yacht builders, the yard built sub chasers.  When WWII came, the Brooklyn yard, which was at the foot of Cropsey Avenue, in Coney Island, was dedicated first to minesweepers and then to an astonishing series of 230 patrol craft for the Coast Guard.  See the site from the air on Google here.  The company also built a second yard at Whitestone NY, which has its own table here.  After the war, the Brooklyn yard was closed and operations were consolidated at Whitestone.

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Namesort descending Designer Year Length Fleet


Eldredge-McInnis 1946 40' Pacific Northwest Catoctin

S.S. Minnow

1964 38' Non-Member SS Minnow


1938 47' Northern California Shanelle