Lee & Brinton, naval architects, specialized in designing power boats for Pacific Northwest cruising.

Naval architect George Wayland joined the firm in 1920, and it became known as Lee, Brinton & Wayland, naval architects.
Harold Lee attended Yale University's Sheffield Scientific School and majored in naval architecture at Cornell University. He set up a design office in Seattle in 1906.
Fred Brinton specialized in naval architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, and worked for a number of years as a shipyard superintendant.  In 1907 he moved to Seattle to partner with Harold Lee in forming Lee & Brinton, naval architects. Fred S. Brinton


Harold Lee/Lee & Brinton Boat Pages

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Name Builder Year Length Fleet Boat Image Thumb


Mojean & Erickson 1935 70' Pacific Northwest


Lake Washington Ship Yard, Houghton, WA 1930 78' Pacific Northwest


Joseph A. Sloane 1909 85' Pacific Northwest

Moby Dick

Ed Heath 1914 63' Pacific Northwest

Princeton Hall

Sheldon Jackson College, Sitka 1941 65' Pacific Northwest