By Rick Etsell

L. E. "Ted" Geary (1885-1960) was a versatile designer, with many great sailboats and commercial boats to his credit. However he also developed quite a following for his fantail motoryacht designs. Ranging between 60 and 110 feet, they shared the Geary look -- purposeful plumb bows, elegant fantail sterns, well-proportioned deckhouses and graceful sheerlines. With the exception of the 96-footers, each one was a custom design from the hull up.

Between 1928 and 1930, Geary collaborated with Lake Union Drydock to produce a series of 96' x 18'-4" fantails featuring minor variations on the same hull lines. Each vessel is still in operation today.

  • Principia, 1928. The only one of the four to be single screw.
  • Blue Peter, 1928.
  • Electra, 1930. Electra and Canim are of a bit lighter scantlings than the other two.
  • Canim, 1930

See "Principia, Recycled", by Maynard Bray, Wooden Boat, Number 123 (Mar/Apr 1995) and "Ted Geary, More than a Naval Architect", by Thomas G. Skahill, Wooden Boat, Number 137 (Jul/Aug 1997)


From Pacific Motor Boat, October 1930:

Some Geary Designs From Pacific Motor Boat:

October 1930 A Double Planked 70 Footer November 1930 A Twin Screw Diesel Cruiser
(Date unknown) New 82-Foot Diesel Cruiser for J. F. Ives July 1925 "Sueja II", New 116-Foot Diesel Motor Cruiser