Between 1902 and 1917, the Schertzer Brothers, William and Frank, operated a boat house in the area of Madrona Park on Lake Washington. The opening of the Montlake Cut in 1916, connecting Lake Washingtonwith Portage Bay/Lake Union, resulted in a lowering of Lake Washington; likely that contributed to the Schertzers moving their operation to the north shore of Lake Union near the foot of Stoneway Avenue, naming it Schertzer Boat & Machine, where they continued to turn out boats until 1937.

The plant, which was next door to the Vic Franck yard, later became the first location of Edison Tech's (now Seattle Central Community College) boat building school.

One of the most beautiful of the Schertzer-built motor yachts is the Leigh Coolidge-designed Kiyi of 1926, a stunning 50-foot fantail and long time member of the PNW Fleet. Other CYA Schertzers, both members of the PNW Fleet, include the Monk-designed and beautifully restored Shearwater of 1933, and Rumrunner of 1930, with its “Scuffy the Tugboat” pilot house windows.
[The above is excerpted from an article by Steve Wilen in "Classic Yachting", September 2011.]