Jul 15 2008

The Bay of Islands – Adak

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The remarkable Bay of Islands is sheltered from the ravages of the North Pacific & Bering Sea by a group of protective islands—-passage thought which required transit of channels named “Hell’s Gate” & “The Race”.  Slack water made these transits speedy & uneventful and brought us four-square with nature thriving in this lonely shelter at the western edge of America—-eagles, caribou, otter, mussels, Puffin, muskeg & waist-deep grasses . . . . . . even a 70 lb halibut which found it’s way to table for a dinner on the back deck, blessed by sunshine.   Mixed with all these marks of natures work was man-kind’s unkind foot-print—-wartime & recent scientific remnants.


A Red-billed Oyster Catcher with her well camoflauged chick below:

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