The Burgee Book

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The Burgee Book

Have you ever wondered how the docks at a new destination's marina were arranged?  Which dock was A dock and which was B dock, etc?  Are you supposed to head to the left or the right when you get a slip assignment?  Are showers available?  A restaurant nearby?  A pump-out?  Fuel?  Propane?  Wifi?  Marina contact phone numbers?  Which VHF channel do they monitor (most of them do NOT monitor channel 16)?  Well, now you can know for sure!

The Burgee Book is in its fifth edition and is full of all of this information and more for transient moorage marinas, state park docks, even some private marinas, etc, in the US and Canada .. from Olympia to Port Hardy.

For those of you who already own a copy of the fifth edition of this valuable book, attached are the latest updates to the book.  We are told that the sixth edition is still a ways out from publication so these updates are very important.

Here is how you can order a copy:

1.  Several book stores and marine stores in the US have copies and/or can mail copies to you when you call or send an email order.  Captain's Nautical Supplies, Fisheries Supply, West Marine and probably many others.

2.  Many book stores and marine stores in Canada have copies for sale and distribution.  Steveston Marine, Payne's Marine, Trotac Marine, and West Marine and probably many others.

Boating on our classics should be "pleasure boating".  The Burgee Book is but one option and one tool to help make that happen.  In addition to the copy of The Burgee Book that I keep on my boat for my own use, I always have another new copy on board to give to some new boater who doesn't have a clue or to a seasoned boater who simply needs a few more details to make life on the water a bit easier.  May all of our cruising be exciting and easy.

Ann Hay
PNW Fleet Member

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