Pacific Northwest Fleet

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association . . .

Puget Sound and the Passage to Alaska inside British Columbia's Vancouver Island offer not only some of the best cruising grounds in the world, but also a climate that is easy on the old wooden classics. The Pacific Northwest Fleet of the CYA has a large number of members and numerous and varied activities over the course of the whole year. To get acquainted, come see us at one of the rendezvous listed, or call on one of our contacts for more information.

2020 Pacific Northwest Fleet Officers:

Commodore Bill Foulk
Vice Commodore Roger Palmer/Tina Stotz
Rear Commodore Todd Powell
Staff Commodore Laura Shifflette
Oregon Staff Commodore John Lebens
Secretary Janice Johnson Palmer
Treasurer Tad Unger
CYA Director Diane Lander
CYA Director Christian Dahl
CYA Director Rick Randall

PNW Bridge 2019
2020 Bridge, from Left:
Staff Commodore Laura Shifflette, Commodore Bill Foulk,
Vice Commodore Tina Stotz (not shown), Rear Commodore Todd Powell,
Treasurer Tad Unger, Secretary Janice Johnson Palmer,
Oregon Staff Commodore John Lebens (not shown)

Contact Info:

For other information concerning the Pacific Northwest Fleet, please contact:

Other Fleet Positions:

Bylaws:  Bill Linscott
Judge Advocate: Vacant
Membership Chair:  Janice Johnson Palmer
Newsletter Editor:  Matt Paynton
Fleet Historian: David Huchthausen

Nominating:    Christian Dahl