Southern California Fleet

Welcome to the Southern California Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association . . .

Covering Southern California, the SC Fleet has numerous events and rendezvous throughout the year. 

If you'd like to join us, or just come for a look at these spectacular yachts, just check out our calendar of events, or peruse the photo gallery of our fleet's vessels.

2018 Southern California Fleet Officers:

Commodore: John Peckham
Vice Commodore: Jim Kroeger
Rear Commodore: Janet Beggs
Staff Commodore: Elissa Olson
CYA Directors: Rick Olson, Cris Rohde

2018 Bridge
From Left: Elissa Olson, Staff Commodore;
John Peckham, Commodore;  
Jim Kroeger, Vice Commodore;
Janet Beggs, Rear Commodore.

Recording Secretary: Cris Clark
Corresponding Secretary: Cathy Yatch
Treasurer: Christine Rohde
Newsletter Editor: Rick Olson
Fleet Historian: Christine Rohde 
Fleet Website Coordinator: Ron Yatch
Fleet Membership Coordinator: Rick Olson and Christine Rohde

Contact Info:

For other information concerning the Pacific Northwest Fleet, please contact:

Southern California Fleet Port Captains